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Elopement & Destination Wedding Photographer 

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How do you know if a big wedding isn’t for you?
You would rather:

Spend quality time with your partner in
a more intimate way

Lose the pressure of hosting the perfect wedding

Spend more time with your favorite friends
and family members 

Your wedding day be the adventure that kicks off all of your adventures!

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What Does It Mean To Elope? 

To elope is to have an experience with your partner for your wedding day that is intentional. It represents who you are together as a couple that celebrates the love that you share.

How would you want to elope?

When you sit down and truly picture getting married, what comes to mind? Is it just the two of you running away to Vegas and getting hitched in a cute little chapel? Or do you maybe picture a courthouse wedding where you sign a piece of paper and start your lives together?

Elopements can be misunderstood. A lot of people think they only happen when the couple wants to ditch their families or because of a baby on the way. That elopements only happen in secret, but this is no longer the truth! The concept of eloping continues to evolve more and more for couples in this century!

Now, it's a way to create more meaningful experiences to couples, something intentional and that reflects the love between two people in a way that is unique to them. It's a way to get rid of the pressure, the anxiety or any obligations that come with a big wedding and can make the experience less fun for you. It grants you the freedom to commit to each other in the way you want, whether it's on a mountaintop in Colorado, on the black sand beaches of New Zealand or just revisiting the spot where you first met, re-capturing moments in that special place and now adding the memory of saying "I do." 

It's a day to make all about you, not a performance. 

So, if an intentional wedding experience like this, full of meaning and love and something that's unique to y'all, is what you pictured, then you were already seeking out an elopement - you probably just didn't know it yet. It's a brave choice to seek out something unique and intentional, and you deserve this beautiful moment between you two.

Let us help you create the exciting, stress-free wedding experience that you secretly desire. Contact us today! :) 

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Wandering Weddings

A great photographer is an important investment for a wedding. We seek to give you a photo experience just as thrilling as your personal adventure.




Get more than just some pictures! Our experience packages aren’t your standard photo shoots with generic, canned poses. We want to capture your relationship as it is. I love getting my couples comfortable in front of the camera, watching them laugh and have fun, forgetting there’s a lens watching. We want your photos to show your unfiltered, authentic moments and leave you with memories that represent you and your significant other in the truest way possible.

What You Get for Your Investment?




Reach out via our contact form and we'll send over a questionnaire to get started. We will include a brochure that has info on what’s included in each package and what our next steps look like.


During our phone call consultation, we can go over the packages together, as well as any questions you may have. This will also give us time to get to know one another!


Once you decide on a package that will best fit your dream wedding day, we'll send over the contract and information to get your date locked in and saved just for you.


Finally, your AMAZING day that is all about you and your significant other is here! And we will capture it from start to finish to make sure every moment is remembered (and worth being remembered). <3

"Makenzie is simply amazing and always going above and beyond. She understands how to connect with people and give direction that is also very fun to capture the type of expressions you want. Makenzie also is very well versed in how utilize lighting and space especially. Not only that, but when she’s at your wedding, you feel like family is at your event. She fits in so well and seamlessly. Her edits are also extremely beautiful. I can’t wait to hire her again. <3"

- Khushboo P.

"If you are camera shy like us, you NEED Makenzie! She helped us open up in front of the camera for our engagement photos, and we got some B-E-A-UTIFUL photos with poses that were both comfortable and flattering! I can't wait to have her at our wedding. "

- Hannah C.

"Makenzie did my wedding photos! She captured all of the moments so perfectly, and she was professional and sweet throughout the whole process!"

- Cassandra M.

"I used Makenzie and was not disappointed. She was flexible and her disposition made me loosen up and I felt entirely comfortable with her snapping away in front of me. Working with her was fantastic - she made the entire experience easy! I will absolutely be using her for other photography sessions!"

- Heather O.

How can we start helping you?

Why Elope?

Learn why couples are choosing to elope rather than have a big wedding.

Why Elope?


Why Elope?

Learn why couples are choosing to elope rather than have a big wedding.

Where Should We Elope?

Mountain Top Elopement - couple in front of headlights, dancing

Planning Your Elopement Timeline

Learn how having a well-planned elopement timeline is crucial to ensure that your day runs smoothly.

Planning Your Elopement Timeline


What are your elopement packages?

We offer several packages, all customizable to fit
your elopement!
Check them out.

What Are Your Elopement Packages?

An Island Adventure

Love the water and want to combine your elopement and honeymoon into one?

Imagine waking up to the warm sea breeze billowing through the room, and just a step outside your door is warm white sand and crystal blue waters. Just picture sailing the open waters, hiking to the top of a volcano and then walking the black sand beaches to say I do as the sun sets over the sea.


How many images do you deliver?

This number varies based on shooting time, but typically you can expect at least 50 high-resolution, edited images per hour of shooting. I never limit myself on the number of photos sent—if I have 500 amazing photos to share with you, you’ll get all 500.

Can we include friends/family in our elopement day?

Absolutely! Whether you want to include them by having them there with you in person as your say "I do", or you'd like some suggestions to make them a part of your day from afar, your friends and family can still play a role in your elopement day.

How far in advance do we need to book you?

The ideal time frame for booking an  elopement, especially if there is travel involved, would be a minimum of 3-6 months in advance. If you want to book out further that's perfectly fine as well! On occasion I can make plans for last minute bookings if there's at least 3 weeks notice. :)

Do you also offer videography?

Absolutely! In order to provide you with the best elopement experience, Makenzie's Design has partners with an AMAZING videography team! You'll even get an exclusive discount when you add videography to your elopement package. Click here to see some video examples from them <3

What if we have bad weather on our elopement day?

Part of having an outdoors wedding day/photoshoot is the fact that there are many things we can’t control, and weather is one of them. In the event that it rains on your elopement day, we will come up with a backup option based on your priorities. Don't worry though-- I'll keep my eye on the weather and always be clearly communicating with you if I foresee any potential problems so that you always know exactly what to expect.

How do we pick our day/location?

If you don’t already have this nailed down, don't worry! Once you’re ready to book and you’ve paid your retainer, we will start start delving deep into the when and where, and I'll help you find the location that fits your vision.

Do you include engagement photos in your packages?

Currently I am including an engagement session as part of my packages! If you book before the end of March 2022, this could be part of your package or no additional cost.

Do you offer Bridals?

Yes! Bridals can be added on to any package. Just let me know your vision when booking your bridals and we can come up with the perfect plan for your session!

What if we are eloping at a place you've never been to? Can you still help us with planning?

Definitely! I actually love scouting for places I’ve never been because it really allows me to deep-dive and get to know a place really well. I have tons of tools for finding locations “off-the-beaten-path” to make sure you have an intimate and unique experience for your elopement, wedding, or portrait session.

Do we need to have all the details nailed down before reaching out?

Nope! Most couples usually have a general vision when they first reach out. This is a collaboration process, so we can work together to nail down the details and bring that vision to life.

Do you design photo albums? 

Absolutely! I love designing photo albums, I think they contain some of the most precious memories that happen on your wedding day. The albums I work with a top-of-the-line designs that showcase your photos in an elegant way on lay-flat paper, and comes in linen, leather, or a photo cover with a crystal acrylic cover. 

What if I get married in the Caribbean? 

If your location is considered in the US territory, the anywhere in the US package will apply! If outside of US territory, the anywhere in the world package will apply, plus additional travel fees as an extra day will of travel will be needed. :) 


Contact us about your elopement

If you’re an adventurous couple seeking unconventional wedding photographers, send us a message.

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