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Creating Your Elopement Wedding Timeline

Eloping has become a popular trend among couples who want to get married in an intimate and stress-free way. But just because you're eloping doesn't mean you don't need a plan. Having a well-planned elopement timeline is crucial to ensure that your day runs smoothly and that you don't miss out on any important moments. Before you start creating your elopement timeline, here are a few things that you should consider that will play factor into your day.

Ceremony and Reception Location: Consider the distance between the ceremony and reception locations (if you are having one, even if it's a private dinner for two), and factor in travel time. You'll want to make sure you have enough time to get to the reception location after the ceremony.

Photography and Videography: Decide on the style of photography and videography you want and plan for what all you would want captured! From getting ready to sunset photos, or even if you included a sunrise hike or walk on the beach. Make sure to factor in those tidbits.

Hair and Makeup: Consider the time it will take for hair and makeup services for the bride and if you are having a wedding party.

Floral Arrangements and Decorations: Factor in the time it will take for the florist to set up floral arrangements and decorations at the ceremony and reception locations. Or even just to deliver your bouquet from the local florist.

Reception: Consider the time it will take for the reception, including dinner and dancing.

Flexibility: Be flexible and consider that things might not go exactly as planned and be prepared to make adjustments as needed.

Creating an elopement timeline can seem daunting, but with a little planning and attention to detail, you can ensure that your special day runs smoothly. Remember to be flexible and consider that things might not go exactly as planned and be prepared to make adjustments as needed. If you factor in some buffer time for just in case, it can either save you a headache, or give you an extra moment to relax :)

Example timeline:

3:00pm - Hair and Makeup team arrives at the bride's location to begin services

4:00pm - Florist arrives at the ceremony location to set up floral arrangements and decorations, and drop off bouquet

4:30pm - Photographer arrives at the bride's location to begin taking candid shots of the couple getting ready

5:30pm - Couple and wedding party depart for the ceremony location

6:00pm - Couple and wedding party arrive at the ceremony location, take photos and get ready

6:30pm - Ceremony begins

7:00pm - Ceremony ends and couple takes photos with wedding party and family

7:30pm - Couple, wedding party, and photographer head to a nearby location for sunset photos

8:30pm - Sunset photos are completed

9:00pm - Couple and wedding party arrive back at the hotel for an intimate dinner

11:00pm - Couple departs for their honeymoon

**Note: This timeline is based on the assumption that the ceremony location is on a mountain, and sunset time is around 8:30pm. It is important to check the sunset time before finalizing the timeline and also include more time in case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I hope this example timeline and the advice above was helpful for you in planning your elopement day timeline! If you would like any more help, my photography packages for elopement does include help with planning your elopement timeline and special moments you want captured <3

For more information or to inquire, click on the button below! I look forward to hearing from you and all about your vision for your elopement day :)

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Creating Your Elopement Timeline
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