Wish someone could handle content creation for you, so you could focus on the strategy? 

Makenzie's got your back! Makenzie's graphics will help you save precious time, promote your products and get new traffic from social!


Quote graphics, high quality photography, infographics, product based ads, etc..


Social media gifs, custom animations, infographics, web banner ads, and reactions gifs...


Custom commercials, and animated style videos....

Running your social media profiles is much more than posting cute kitten gifs and waiting for the likes to roll in. If you want to create content that works for your audience, you have to test new tools, look for the perfect image, come up with engaging captions, and create new graphics very often.

Operating an online store, a restaurant, or a beauty salon? No matter what’s the core of your business, you can find new customers on social, and catch their attention with great-looking animated posts! Studies have shown that video attracts 5x more people than static content. So why not use it?