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Top Four Reasons to Elope:

How to Know if an Intimate Wedding or Adventure Elopement is Right For You

Why You Should Consider An Elopement + The Benefits of Eloping

There’s no denying it: there’s been a shift in the wedding industry, with many couples wondering whether they should elope and sorting out the top reasons to elope. Now, more than ever, it seems like the wedding industry is at odds with itself.

The reasons people choose to elope are extremely diverse but can include factors like budget, timing, romance, or just a sense of adventure. Many engaged couples have at least one moment during wedding planning where they think, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just elope?”

Here are four signs that eloping might actually be the right fit for you and your partner:

Why Elope?

You Want To Savor Every Moment Of Your Special Day Without It Feeling Like a Rushed Blur.

There are so many couples who say their wedding day was just a blur. You have so much to do, so many people to talk to, making sure you get a bite to eat, making sure you take all the family photos and the wedding party photos and your couple’s photos, not to mention all the fun reception activities. By the time it's all over, you're exhausted and feeling like it all just went by too fast, and you didn't get enough quality time with your partner during y'all's big day.

If you like the idea of savoring the moments you get to spend with your partner during this special day, you should consider eloping. This is what makes elopements so beautiful. With a small guest list (or no guest list at all!) you have time to really immerse yourself in the moment and take in the sights and experiences of your elopement day. Your day can look however you want it to, which is why I think it's one of the best reasons to consider eloping.

Y'all are a more introverted couple and can't even imagine sharing your vows in front of a crowd, even if you know everyone there.

When half the general population can be categorized as introverted, there must be a lot of couples out there who feel uncomfortable at their own wedding. Why try to force yourself to say, "I do," and kiss in front of bunch of guests?

Eloping could be the wedding of your dreams, with just you and your significant other celebrating together. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of extroverts who love to elope. But for the introverted couples, eloping is just something extra special. When you elope, you get to be super selective about your guest list. You can choose to have no guests or a few family members or friends. This privacy is another reason to elope.

You get to allow yourself the moment of private vows and can feel safe to be vulnerable when you're pouring your heart out. If you are a more introverted, private, or shy couple, eloping might just be the answer to your prayers.

You really don't have the budget for a big wedding, or would rather spend it on the honeymoon. ;)

Financial concerns are a huge factor for many couples during wedding planning. Let's be honest - weddings can get pricey. The costs have become ridiculous, and most couples wind up spending way over budget. Even with all the cost-cutting measures you can dream up, a wedding will cost lots of money. If you would rather spend your money on future travels, the honeymoon, investment opportunities, or maybe even a down payment on a house, eloping can help you save that money.

When you elope, your list gets cut down to whatever you want to spend money on. When that list is shorter, you have more time to find the right vendors, and more budget to spread out. You could easily have your dream elopement for $2,000-10,000 vs. a $35,000 wedding.

The list of vendors and items could easily go from 20+ things to something more manageable:

- Dress

- Bouquet

- Photography and videography

- Location (let's elope in the mountains!)

If thinking about the cost makes you nervous or anxious, something is not right!

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. You should feel happy and stress free, excited, ready to dance around and pop open a bottle of bubbly. You should be looking forward to the day it arrives, not being worried about all the bills that come with it.

Eloping will bring you that relief and even bring back the enthusiasm you had when you first got engaged. Listen to your gut, maybe it’s telling you to elope. :)

You LOVE to travel and explore! You're always looking for your next big adventure.

This is by far one of the most fun reasons to elope: you can choose almost anywhere in the world to be your venue! Why wait till your honeymoon to start the adventure when it can start at your wedding? Go on a world trip together! Want to elope in the middle of the mountains?

How bout in the Monahans Sandhills of Texas? Or a simple yet B-E-A-U-tiful white sandy beach?

Whether it’s the top of a mountain, or even Antarctica, the possibilities are truly endless! If you and your partner love to travel, you can make your wedding the once-in-a-lifetime adventure you’ve always dreamed about by eloping.

So, Why Elope?

There are far more reasons to elope than just the ones listed above. Whatever reason you choose, just remember: your reason is amazing. This is your day.

If any of these sounded like you and now you want to explore this option more, I'd love to help. I can be there with you on this adventure and capture your special day in a way you'll remember forever. I'm a firm believer that your adventure wedding photographer should be a resource to you for the whole adventure elopement process, from helping you figure out why you want to elope, to deciding where and who to include! As an elopement photographer, I'm here to help.

But whether you decide to elope or not, remember this: this day should represent who both of you are as a couple. After all, it is a celebration of your love! People will always try to tell you their thoughts on the matter and what they think your big day should look like, but it's ultimately up to you.

So, if you are shy or an adventure seeker, or looking to cut down on what you're spending, listen to what your heart is telling you. :)

Interested in working with me? View my photography page to see my pricing and more about my work or click the button below to schedule your complimentary photography consult.

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