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What You Need to Know to Prepare For Your Adventure Elopements & Intimate Weddings

First off, what is an adventure elopement?

To explain that we have to start at the beginning. (Not as far back as Adam and Eve, but way before Adam and Steve were allowed to do their thing.) Weddings with a large group of people are often viewed as the "traditional" way to celebrate a couple’s union, whereas elopements are thought of as something that takes place in secret.

But what does it really mean to elope?

The true meaning continues to evolve more and more for couples in this century! (#thanksmillenials)

Eloping can mean creating a more meaningful experience for a couple. It can be something small and intentional, something that reflects their love in a way that is unique to them. It's a great way to get rid of the pressure, the anxiety, (the Xanax) or any obligations that come with a big wedding.

It’s about making the experience fun and enjoyable for you. (Because let’s face it, we all know the MOB thinks it’s her day.)

Eloping grants you the freedom to commit to each other however you want, whether it's on a Mountain Top in Colorado, on the black sands beach of New Zealand,or just revisiting the spot where you first met. You can re-capture those moments in your special place, now with the bonus memory of saying "I do."

That, ladies and gentlemen, is an adventure elopement.

So, what is the difference between an adventure elopement and an intimate wedding? Can’t they be one in the same?

Sure. They aren’t mutually exclusive. You can have an adventure elopement that is intimate, but not all intimate weddings are considered adventure elopements. (It’s the whole Kleenex vs. tissue situation)

The main difference between the two is where the wedding is held. Pretty simple. It could be the difference between a small gathering in the mountains for a ceremony or a small ceremony in your backyard. One is an intimate adventure elopement while the other is an intimate wedding.

An intimate wedding is still celebrated like a big, traditional wedding. You get dolled up, have your ceremony, host a reception, and get to party like it’s 2000 with your closest friends and family.

The sweet spot to keep your wedding intimate is limiting the guest list to around 20-50 people. This will give you and the newly yours time to gather and chat with every guest and not leave anyone out.

Where should we elope?

Adventure elopements are celebrated a bit differently, depending on your style. (And, let’s be honest, your budget.)

They can last anywhere from one hour to three days! There are so many fun adventures to choose from:

  • a courthouse (elopement)

  • the park (elopement)

  • a Vegas chapel

  • the mountains

  • the beach

  • a volcano

  • rent a fun bus with party stops

  • Mordor

(The last one was thrown in to see if you’re paying attention. But I guess any place you can be with your partner is an adventure, right? Still counts!)

If you need help picturing what a full day or even a multi-day elopement could look like for you, send me a message! I’m here to help you envision all the possibilities, even the make-believe ones.

So, should we elope?

That’s the big question. If you are craving a more intimate and intentional experience for your wedding, then an elopement is probably your style.

If you’re still undecided, I have a blog available for you to check out, or you can just connect with me and ask directly (I’m fun, I promise.) :)

If you still want that full traditional wedding experience but with more intimacy and less pressure, an intimate wedding might be for you! It can be scary to tell people you aren’t having a big wedding because they will absolutely ask the dreaded question: "Well, we’re invited, right?"

But if intimacy is important to you, look them in the face and say, “It’s a nude wedding, so only if you’re comfortable showing off your goods!” (Please do this and record their reaction. Please.)

How will I know when to elope?

Do you have a date that is special to you both or a close family member? There might be a creative date coming up, like 4/22/22. Or maybe you'd want to get married during a super-moon or the next big eclipse?

If you don’t care about specific dates on a calendar but maybe care more for vibes (snow vs. blooming flowers, mountains vs. oceans, etc.), we can always pick the location first and then determine the best date for you!

Handy tips when thinking about locations:

  • Keep an eye on when it's "tourist season" for a better experience

  • Weekdays are easier as there are less people, which will provide a more intimate experience, and allows for better photos

  • The best portraits are taken in softer light, so be prepared to be up before sunrise or taking photos till the sun is gone and finding our way in the dark. Especially if your adventure will involve hiking ;)


Whatever decision you make for your big day, I want to be there to help you capture all your precious moments and create the best experience for you! Click the button below to slide in my inbox and get this relationship started. :)

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