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A Surprise Proposal at AT&T Discovery District | Dallas, TX

Let me start with the fact that these are two of my favorite people on the face of this planet! Not only are they good friends, they make a PERFECT couple, and I am absolutely ecstatic that I got to shoot their proposal photos!

We were all having dinner one night and once Maddie slipped out of the room for a minute, Drew spilled the news that he was planning on proposing - and of course, me being a photographer and a really close friend - I immediately jumped the opportunity when he said he wanted photos of it! I was literally bouncing in my seat I was so happy to hear the news about them! Once it got closer, I helped scout the location he picked out, The Discovery District in Dallas, and he had it all planned out.... if only the spot he picked didn't have a band playing in that very spot he wanted to propose that very same night!! He got so nervous once found that out and had me scout out a new area, but we found a great alternative! This proposal was soooooo cute to witness, and not just because they are dear friends but because you can tell they are absolutely in love, and being able to capture these precious moments for them was just so precious to me.

To see how the proposal played out, and to see the cute little mini-session we did after, check out the photos below! <3

I absolutely love this couple and these photos!!

If you need a photographer, hit me up! Or if you know someone who does or would want them, share this with the :) I'd love to show you more of my work!

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