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A Bride's Guide: Finding the Perfect Photography and Videography Team for Your Destination Wedding

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Welcome, fellow brides! Today, I'll be sharing my personal journey and professional insights on how to choose the best photography and videography team for your dream destination wedding. As a destination wedding photographer myself, this decision held a special place in my heart, and I wanted to make sure every detail was just right.

A lot of friends and family asked me the same questions: "Who's going to shoot your wedding? Are you going to shoot it yourself?" They were curious about how we managed to find the right photographers and videographers for our special day. Being full-time wedding photographers and videographers, my now husband and I understood the significance of this decision and the desire to capture our love story beautifully.

I also noticed my fellow brides frequently posing this question on Facebook groups and Reddit threads: "How do I know what to look for in a photographer/videographer?" So, here are the key factors I considered when I became a bride myself.

Color: Knowing the different photography and videography styles I loved, I began my search for artists who could bring those styles to life. I compiled a list of photographers and videographers skilled in light and airy, true-to-tone, and even dark and moody aesthetics.

Budget with Vision: Understanding our own pricing and that of industry peers and mentors, we set a range for our photography and videography investment. We aimed to strike a balance between the quality we desired and the budget we allocated.

Striking the Right Balance: Determining the ideal balance between your budget and the quality of vendors can be challenging. We recognized the significance of photography and videography in preserving memories, so we allocated a substantial portion of our budget accordingly. We also considered the pricing dynamics of our destination wedding location, as it differed from our hometown.

Qualitative Assessment: Finding the Perfect Photographer and Videographer

Choosing the right photography and videography team for your destination wedding requires a thoughtful assessment of their skills, style, and approach. Here's how I navigated this process to ensure a match made in heaven for both my wedding photos and videos.

Photographer Selection: When evaluating photographers, it's essential to review their portfolios and galleries to gain insights into their capabilities and shooting style. Look for consistency in delivering stunning images across different lighting conditions. Do they excel in capturing the soft, ethereal look of a light and airy style? Can they handle the rich, true-to-tone aesthetics that bring out the essence of your destination? Assess their ability to handle diverse lighting situations, from vibrant daylight to romantic sunset moments.

Consider their skill in composition and posing. Do they capture natural, candid moments as well as beautifully orchestrated shots? Look for a balance between classic and creative poses that reflect your personality and vision. Explore their galleries to envision yourself in their work, ensuring their style aligns with your dream wedding photography.

Additionally, don't underestimate the importance of personality. A positive and collaborative working relationship with your photographer is key. Schedule a phone call or, if possible, a meeting to gauge their professionalism, communication style, and ability to make you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. This connection will help create a relaxed environment, resulting in authentic and joyful moments captured on your big day.

Videographer Selection: When it comes to videography, the assessment process follows a similar path. Begin by reviewing their video portfolio to understand their storytelling approach, cinematographic style, and editing techniques. Look for consistency in delivering high-quality videos that evoke emotions and bring your love story to life.

Consider their ability to capture different lighting scenarios effectively. Can they handle the luminous beauty of a sunny outdoor ceremony as well as the intimate ambiance of a candlelit reception? Assess their expertise in managing low-light situations, ensuring that even the most romantic moments are beautifully illuminated.

Pay attention to the use of audio in their videos. Clear and crisp sound is essential to relive the heartfelt vows, laughter, and speeches shared on your special day. Evaluate their ability to incorporate audio seamlessly into their work.

Examine their storytelling abilities and the structure of their videos. Do they create a narrative that unfolds organically, capturing the essence of your wedding day? Look for a balance between candid, documentary-style footage and beautifully composed shots that evoke a sense of romance and intimacy.

Lastly, explore their color grading and visual effects. Do their videos exhibit the desired aesthetic, whether it's a light and airy feel or vibrant and energetic tones? Assess how they infuse their unique creative flair into their work, creating a visual experience that resonates with your wedding vision.

Remember, your photography and videography team should complement each other, ensuring a seamless and cohesive representation of your wedding day. Take the time to review their portfolios, ask questions, and trust your instincts. With the perfect blend of talent, style, and personality, you'll have breathtaking photos and videos that will forever preserve the memories of your destination wedding.

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To Fly In or Stay Local: The decision of whether to fly in photographers and videographers or hire local vendors required thoughtful consideration. We weighed the unique capabilities and artistry of our dream team against the convenience and potential cost savings of working with local professionals. For those planning out-of-country destinations, it's important to assess communication barriers and ensure your vision can be effectively conveyed.

Our Decision: Finding the Perfect Photography and Videography Team

We were faced with two choices: two exceptional local vendors, one for photography and one for videography, and a photo/video team that required flying them in. Comparing these options was a challenge as both vendors were truly amazing. However, we had to make a decision based on style and personal connection. One vendor resonated with our hearts more deeply, capturing the essence of our vision.

The choice was not driven by price, but by the belief that this vendor would authentically capture our day in the way we had envisioned. It was a difficult decision as both options were outstanding. Ultimately, we followed our hearts and selected the team that would truly bring our wedding to life.


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As you embark on the exciting journey of choosing the perfect photography and videography team for your dream destination wedding, remember to follow your instincts and prioritize what truly resonates with your heart. Just like I did, take the time to assess styles, explore portfolios, and connect with artists who share your vision.

Your wedding memories are precious, and they deserve to be captured in a way that feels uniquely you. Whether you're drawn to the enchanting allure of light and airy aesthetics or the captivating drama of moody compositions, your dream team is out there, ready to transform your love story into timeless art.

Are you ready to embark on this unforgettable adventure? If you're curious about having my husband and me as part of your special day, we'd be honored to discuss how we can bring your vision to life. Let's capture your love story in a way that speaks to your heart and stands the test of time. Click the button below to connect with us and let the magic begin!

Remember, your journey is uniquely yours, and your love story deserves to be captured with the same passion and dedication that you put into planning every detail of your destination wedding. Let's make your dreams come true together!"

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